Collage – September 2017 Update

We are happy to advise that the Collage development at 54 Rosstown Road, Carnegie, is progressing along well. Please find below photos of the construction thus far.

Rosstown September 2017 1 Rosstown September 2017 2 Rosstown September 2017 3 Rosstown September 2017 4 Rosstown September 2017 5 Rosstown September 2017 6 Rosstown September 2017 7 Rosstown September 2017 8 Rosstown September 2017 9 Rosstown September 2017 10 Rosstown September 2017 11

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Collage – June 2017 Update

We are happy to advise that the ground floor slab has been poured and the basement car park has been completed. Walls are going up and framing to support the first-floor slab this month and first-floor slab should be poured by the end of June.

Project completion is expected to for March 2018.

Rosstown_June 2017

Rosstown_June 2017 2

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Collage – February 2017 Update

Great news! We have been advised by the builder, Cobolt, that the site has been prepared for construction and the piling for the foundations will start on Monday, the 27th of February, so we are underway at last.

Once the basement is complete we will request a completion date from the developer but we would anticipate it to be 12 – 14 months from now. We will provide you with further updates, including photos, as construction progresses.

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Collage – January 2017 Update

We have been advised that construction of 54 Rosstown Road will commence at the end of this month, with completion expected for early 2018. We will provide you with further updates and photos of the build as construction progresses throughout the year.

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Collage – October 2016 Update

Great news, we have been given instructions from the Developer to strip the display suite in preparation for its collection, clearing the way for construction to commence.

It’s been a very slow start with a number of minor issues taking significantly longer than anticipated to resolve.

We are still waiting on a few things to come in from consultants but we hope to see the Builders on site in early November.


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Collage – August 2016 Update

Collage has progressed with final plans and construction negotiations.

As previously advised, the Developer has appointed Cobolt Constructions Pty Ltd as the principal building contractor. Cobolt is currently finalising it’s arrangements with subcontractors and also waiting on the issue of a building permit. The sewer main extension works in Kokaribb Road have been completed. These works were required by the drainage authority prior to work commencing on our site.

The Developer advises that they regret the delay and apologise for the uncertaintity for their purchasers but the project is now back on track and Cobolt advises construction will commence by mid October. They further advise that the project will be completed by approximately the end of September, 2017.

We are not expecting any further delays and will advise of any change to the target dates.


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Collage – June 2016 Update

In regards to the construction program, the Developer is currently finalising the construction drawings and expect to go to tender for sub-contracts within the next four weeks.

A part of the construction process includes a substantial upgrade to the sewer main in Kokaribb Road. A contract has been signed for this work and it will commence within the next couple of weeks.

We expect the building works to commence on site in August and, subject to normal weather conditions, the building should be complete by approximately July, 2017.

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Collage – April 2016 Update

The developer reports that they are ticking all the boxes off one by one and on schedule for the display to close soon (anticipated end of May) to make way for demolition and commencement of construction works in approximately early June.

Future updates to follow.

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