Oggetti – September 2017 Update

We wish to advise that there is an update for the Oggetti development at 253 Neerim Road. The developer has advised that Shangri-La Constructions Pty Ltd. has been engaged as the construction company. Contracts are currently being reviewed and if all goes well, the developer aims to receive the building permit by late October, for basement construction to start after Christmas.

Please note that there have been some changes to some materials such as dishwasher and oak timber flooring. If you’d like to review the quality of the materials, please visit the Display Centre at 212 Bay Road, Sandringham Vic 3191 from the 23rd of September onwards.


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Oggetti – June 2016 Update

The owner / developer has advised that they have experienced a set back at council level with the proposed development, they are sorting through the planning issues that have arisen and hope to be able to give us some more concrete direction within the next month, we intend to remove the for sale boards and site shed from the site and will relaunch once we have resolved the issue.

The issue to our knowledge relates to the rear set back and might require some minor alterations to a couple of units.

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