Primrose 7 – May 2017 Update

Please find below latest update from the developer for Primrose 7:

B Central is most pleased to report that construction of Primrose Apartments, 7 Red Hill Terrace, Doncaster East is nearing completion.We expect to conclude construction by the end of June.

We are most pleased to report that currently the interiors are being fitted out, the flooring is being laid and painting is also taking place. Externally, finishing touches are now being finalised and those works will shortly be carried out.

Shortly we will be providing you with contact details to arrange inspections for valuers who are required to access the premises. We will also be arranging appointments for final inspections as well.

We anticipate settlement shall take place in approximately July 2017. For those who require any advice with matters regarding the final settlement, we suggest you contact your legal representative or your finance broker.
Should you require any further assistance with the above matters we would be most please to help in any way.

Extra Car parking & Storage Available

For those seeking to purchase an extra car park, One car space is currently available in Basement (2) for $25,000 (Inc. GST)

Three storage cages are also available for $2,500 each (Inc. GST). One in Basement (1) and Two on the Lower Ground Floor.

If you are interested please email your request to

Primrose 7 May 2017 HPrimrose 7 May 2017 A Primrose 7 May 2017 B Primrose 7 May 2017 C Primrose 7 May 2017 D Primrose 7 May 2017 E Primrose 7 May 2017 F Primrose 7 May 2017 G

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Primrose – February 2017 Update

We wish to advise that a detailed construction update for Primrose will be coming shortly. In the meantime, please find below latest photos of the construction.

Feb2017_3 Feb2017_2 Feb2017_1


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Primrose – December 2016 Update

B Central is most pleased to report that construction of 7 Red Hill Terrace, Doncaster East is progressing well and in accordance with our programme.  As you will see by the pictures below, we are now nearing completion of the structural phase.

With the steady progress on site, we anticipate construction completion and settlement to take place approximately June 2017.

dec2016 dec2016_2 dec2016_3

As construction continues to progress, we will be sure to continue to provide further updates and other relevant information.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Emilee at the B Central office on 03 9429 1575 or via email at


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Primrose – November 2016 Update

A small update for this month – the builders are currently working on the highest floor, level 6.


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Primrose – October 2016 Update Part 2

20161025_160108 20161025_160139

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Primrose – October 2016 Update

20161008_133006 20161010_150236

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Primrose – September 2016 Update Part 2

primrose-19-9-2016_1 primrose-19-9-2016_2

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Primrose – September 2016 Update

primrose_14-9-2016_1 primrose_14-9-2016_2 primrose_14-9-2016_3

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Primrose – August 2016 Update

Primrose 24.8.2016

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Primrose – July 2016 Update

Construction of the basement level is well underway at Primrose.

Completion is expected in approximately September, 2017.



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