No. 9 – Complete


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No. 9 – November 2015 Update

We are pleased to advise that the MFB hasapproved and issued the Reg. 1003 consenting to the Occupancy Permit being issued dated 10th November 2015.

The Relevant Building Surveyor has today issued the Certificate of Occupancy Permit (eCOOf) dated 11th November 2015

We are lodging the MFB and COO on the Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals (eSPEARf) system which will allow our subdivision planning permit and certification applications to be compiled, lodged, managed, referred, approved by Council in preparation for lodgement to the Land Title Office (eLTOf).

We anticipate this to occur before week end.

Our lawyers, Russo Pellicano Carlei Lawyers, will today write to your lawyers/conveyancefs with regards to the above and therefore provide this courtesy in advance to all purchasers to start preparing for settlement.

Once the Plan of Subdivision is lodged with LTO, we anticipate the plan being registered in 10 days and settlement can occur immediately thereafter for occupants eager to get in before Christmas.

We will write to you before the end of the week with a further update.

Start preparing!!

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No. 9 – July 2015 Update

We wrote to you on the 15th July 2015 and provide a further update with respect to Practical Completion.

Unfortunately the Builders and the Superintendant have revised the Practical Completion date to the 6th August 2015.

 Consequently, the items raised in our last update with respect to inspections and issuing our letter/check list will need to be postponed until such time the Certificate of Occupancy (‘COO’) has been issued by the Building Surveyor and the Statement of Compliance (‘SOC’) certified by Council.

 However, to ensure we are ready to go with the registration of the plan once we receive SOC from Council, we have instructed our lawyers to communicate with our bank to make the parent title available at the Land Registry office in preparation for our application of the proposed plan of subdivision to be lodged.  In that respect consent has been confirmed by the bank in making the title available to expedite this process ahead of the SOC being issued by Council.

 In addition, all of Off-the-plan sales statutory declarations have commenced for each of the purchasers based on the Alternative Method calculation to ensure we maximise the Stamp Duty savings for each of you at settlement.

 In communication with our builders, our lawyers and the Land Registry office we put forward the following suggested times leading to settlement.

Milestone Proposed Date
1.    Bank make available Parent Title in preparation of the PS Application to the LTO 31st July 2015
2.    Practical Completion – Construction 6th August 2015
3.    SOC – Council issue 10th August 2015
4.    COO – Building Surveyor issue 13th August 2015
5.    RPC Lawyers to register the Certified PS with the LTO 17th August 2015
6.    LTO currently is taking between 2 to 3 weeks to register the P.S. therefore either… 31st August or by 7th September 2015
7.    Settlements within 2 weeks of the P.S. being registered at LTO, therefore either… 14th September or 21st September 2015

  Most of the items above are unfortunately out of our control, however we are as keen as you are to settle and to get you access into your new property therefore we will driving the relevant authorities and departments to ensure no time is wasted once each milestone is achieved.

 The above table is issued as a ‘guide only’ and we will amend times as information comes to hand on each milestone reached.

Next update will be on the 7th August 2015 (or earlier if any of the milestones occur before then.

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No. 9 – June 2015 Update


Construction at No 9 Apartments is progressing quickly with the anticipated practical completion remaining on track for late June 2015.

We are now in the home stretch, with most of the external component of No 9 being finalised.

Launch Corporation is pleased to see the physical structure of No 9 completed with the building visible from around Southland Shopping Centre with its striking facade standing out amongst its neighbours in Cheltenham’s skyline.

The final level of wall framing arrived on site two weeks before Christmas and the framing crew were busy erecting the walls during that period despite battling constraints on site and inclement weather.

As the skin of the building is being installed the electrical and mechanical contractors have completed the rough-in of all services & are preparing to commence fit-off.


The roof framing and sheeting are now complete and the last levels of windows are being installed.

Internally, all soundproofing of plasterworks has been finalised together with the installation of all fire safety equipment.


All kitchen joinery and fit-outs are in full swing.  The White Colour Scheme Kitchen joinery is shown above.


Taupe Colour Scheme Kitchen Joinery with appliances.


All external final coating of render finish also having commenced with colours being applied to the building on the North, South and West side facades.


The next step in the process towards settlement is valuation inspections. The builder, EVO Construction, will advise us when the building is ready for Valuers to inspect your apartment & we will notify you accordingly.

Launch Corporation will also provide your Valuer with a pack containing vital information — this includes floor plans, marketing material, and contract details.

Following on, all Purchasers will have the opportunity to visit your new apartment soon! We will know more about this process and inspection dates in a few months time at which time we will contact you when access is available.

You can download the builders’ progress report for March 2014 with further pictures from the following link.


The project has been an outstanding success, with only 1 apartment left to be sold.

‘No 9’ Apartments is a fabulous opportunity at an excellent location presenting both an ideal home or a lucrative investment.

Please feel free to let your family and friends know about this excellent opportunity. If interested, they can contact Michael Kokkinos at Launch Corporation on 0417 355 305 or Claude Mery at Buxton Bentleigh on 0422 455 848 for a private appointment.


In the meantime, if you haven’t already, purchasers should now commence discussions with their financiers in preparing for settlements between July/August 2015.

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No. 9 – January 2015 Update

No 9-Const-Nov 14-1

Update supplied by Launch Corporation:

All sub terrain and tilt panel works have been completed including framing works to upper levels has commenced.
Two levels of the internal layouts of all apartments are complete, with state of the art, fire proof and energy efficient cladding, now enclosing the building.
All fire essential services and mains have been established, with all major support mechanisms in place, whilst we progress upwards towards the sky. Some of the dressings are now being established like windows, stairs, lifts and car stackers being a few items that have been installed or making space for their installation.

The building is growing at a rapid rate, after our initial stalled commencement, although the built form now dominates the Chesterville Road precinct. Looking forward, the framing and roof form will be completed in the coming weeks, with external cladding and some render being applied to the building.
All windows will be installed soon after, with the building made water tight by the middle January 2015. All services and rough in of preliminary electrical and interior items will be complete with a view of plastering commencing by the end of January 2015.
Soon after, the kitchen joinery will commence and painting with floor coverings and fixtures proceeding. By this time the external detail works will be complete and the scaffold removed unveiling the ‘diamond in the rough’.

Next update will be issued late February to early March 2015.

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No. 9 – July/ August 2014 Update

Firstly, we express our apologies for not providing timely quarterly updates with respect to construction of the ‘No 9’ Apartments. We unfortunately were delayed during the initial start up stages of construction on account of changes to the Building Code of Australia (BCA) regulations for Disabled Access.  In addition these BAC changes also impacted changes to Fire Egress pursuant to Melbourne Fire Brigade (MFB) regulations.  All changes in regulations occurred post our planning permit being achieved and in order to satisfy the BAC and MBF, alterations were required of all core areas (stairs and lifts) in the building including the requirement for an additional fire egress path needed to be incorporated into the working drawings/construction as well as larger ‘stretcher lifts’ than the normal sized lifts originally specified.

As a consequence we pursued the approval of these amendments from Council via a process known as a secondary consent application as they were seen as minor and on the basis they were regulatory changes only.  Both our Planning Lawyers and Building Surveyor stated this was a reasonable and simple amendment that normally is supported by Council.  However and unfortunately Council were not supportive of the process undertaken to incorporate the changes and their actions to delay the approval ultimately stalled construction that otherwise had commenced resulting in a delay of works by up to 5 months.

As construction had commenced and in order to break the deadlock with respect to this matter, we pursued Council via an expedited VCAT hearing at the Tribunal in order to get these minor amendments approved.

Notwithstanding the above delays, works have recommenced and we have held lengthy meetings with our builder to review the current works program with an objective of making up the lost time.  At this stage our Project Management Team with the cooperation of the Builders have managed to pull back the work program by 3 months that will see Practical Completion scheduled for around the end of May or first week of June 2015.  A tight work program schedule has been formally prepared, issued and approved by the Superintendent Officer and Quantity Surveyor where I am pleased to report that we are tracking well on making up this lost time now that all the difficult substructure work is complete as evident in the attached construction update report by EVO Construction – July 2014.

Whilst it appears that not much has been completed in bringing the project out of the ground, these excavation works are quite time consuming and normally take 3 – 4 months or more to accomplish, including the laying of the foundations, construction of the basement itself and all of the drainage, plumbing and connections services required.  This is without factoring the delays noted above.

However, once this critical first stage has been completed, most building go up unbelievably quickly as we will be the case in the next 2 quarterly updates you will receive.  Modern apartments use a mix of traditional masonry such as bricks as well as new, highlight engineered concrete panels that slot into place like lego that exceed the quality of older units and the most stringent building codes in force.  Again, evident by the BAC regulations changes noted above.

In the last quarter update, the shell of the building will be complete and the focus will move to the internal outfitting of your apartments itself.  Landscaping is often done at the very tail end of the process due to the risk of damage from the removal of construction waste, therefore the fine touches you won’t see until the completion.

We intend to provide you with quarterly updates form this point onwards to completion and monthly updates leading up to the last quarter of works to ensure that each of you are well informed and prepared in advance as we lead up to settlement.

– Launch Corporation

009-CHE - EVO - PCG Report July 2014 image3 image4 image7 image8 image9 image11 image12 image16 image17 image18 image19 image20 image21 image22 image23 image24 image25 image26



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No. 9 – January 2014 Update

No. 9


We are glad to inform you that construction is about to commence with completion in 12-14 months. More information to come…

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