Alexander – Complete & Settled


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Alexander – June 2015 Update


The building is finished. It has reached Practical Completion and got it’s Occupancy Permit.

Titles will be registered by the end of next week and settlements will commence the following week.

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Alexander – February 2015 Update

Alex 03.02.15

Great news for Alexander purchasers, the building is now complete with external painting currently taking place.
The apartments have been fully plastered and the kitchens are currently going in as well.

Construction completion is expected for late March 2015 with settlements expected to take place early April 2015.

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Alexander – November 2014 Update

Alexander, 650 11  Alexander, 650

The development is moving along nicely and construction is running right on time. The structure is complete with plumbing and electrical all done.
75% of the windows have also been installed.
Expected completion date is March 2015. More updates will be issued in the new year.

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Alexander – September 2014 Update

We are glad to announce that everything is on track at Alexander.

  • Basement works completed
  • Structural frame completed up to level 1
  • Target to be at ‘lock-up’ by Christmas
  • On track for completion in March 2014


alex photo 1 alex photo 2 alex photo 3 alex photo 4

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Alexander – July 2014 Update

We are pleased to inform you that construction is going smoothly and according to schedule.

  • Bulk excavation is complete
  • In-ground services are complete
  • Shotcrete walls are being completed (see photo below)
  • We expect the basement slab and ground floor slab to be completed next month.


The target completion date is March 2015. Watch this space for further updates.


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Alexander – January 2014 Update

650 Centre Road Bentleigh East

We are glad to inform you that construction on this project is due to begin next month. The existing structure is expected to be demolished in the coming weeks. Completion expected late February 2015.

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