Curve – October 2017 Update

We are happy to advise that Project Group ( has been appointed to build the project with construction due to commence shortly after Christmas.

In regards to the power work, initially, it was thought that the power lines could go underground under the footpath (so that it is not blocking construction, as well as not obstructing the aesthetic values of the apartments). However, they were unable to move forward with this due to the presence of pipes under the footpath. Thus, as a result, the development team is now planning for the power lines be placed under the road instead. It is expected that this will be achieved in the next 4 – 6 weeks. We will keep all purchasers updated on progress as we receive more information.


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Curve – September 2017 Update

We wish to advise that we have received an update for the Curve development in Essendon North. The developer advised that the target commencement date for the project is November 2017, once the undergrounding works for the high voltage and low voltage power lines have been completed by Jemena.

We would like to apologise on behalf of the developer for the construction commencement delays thus far as a result of the delay with works by Jemena. We will continue to provide further updates once we receive more information.

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Curve – June 2017 Update

Great news! The developer for Curve has advised that paperwork with the designated builders are now being finalised.
The team is waiting on the electrical company, Jemena Electricity, to provide the power station on site and once delivered, construction will be able to commence in the next month or so.
We will provide you with further updates when construction commences!

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