M Docklands – Complete!


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M Docklands – February 2016 Update

Settlement will be commencing from the 22nd of February, 2016.

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M Docklands – Final Construction Update  & Key Settlement Information


Welcome to M Dockland’s final newsletter.

We will be providing you with further key information on settlement, pre-settlement and valuation inspections through your solicitors in the coming months. We trust our updates have been insightful and we are excited to welcome you to your new residence very soon.

Construction Update: At present, we  have completed the install of our beautiful gold facade on both the east and west side of the building. We have successfully decommissioned our crane and alimak and now our builders are heavily focused on delivering the fit out of each individual apartment and the Peppers hotel.

Construction Snapshots: M Docklands – West Facing Façade

MDOCKLANDS_2Peppers Hotel: We are excited to share Pepper’s hotel prototype room which can be viewed below.  Each hotel room will feature a bespoke art piece which is being printed on the wall above the bed-head using the latest digital technology, direct fix. Our flagship Peppers hotel carries an edgy urban electric feel which has been well received in the market.


Pepper’s Typical Bathroom Photo


Pepper’s Typical Hotel Room Photo

Key Settlement Information:

Finance For your benefit, we have contacted a couple of finance brokers to assist you with your finance needs. In due course, the finance brokers will be in touch with you and ask if they can be of assistance.  In addition, we will be preparing a valuation pack for your bank’s valuer to assist them in preparing their valuation report for the bank. We expect this to be completed by early November.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please let us know and we will issue a copy to your bank’s valuer.

Pre-Settlement Inspections & Settlement We have been advised that settlement will be called for in January 2016. In due course, our legal representative Maddocks will communicate with your legal representative to advise you on our call for settlement and settlement bookings.    Pre-settlement and valuation inspections will take place from November up until we call for settlement, level by level. Please be advised that we will notify your solicitor of the designated pre-settlement and valuation inspections dates and if you have not engaged a solicitor yet, we strongly advise this is sought immediately and kindly advise us of your legal representative.

M Docklands – Purchaser Information Pack In the event that you do not have an opportunity to review the attached information pack or need a friendly reminder to place orders, we will personally be in touch with you to run through any added extras you may need in the coming month.

Updated Contact details: Should your contact details change, we kindly request that you contact your sales representative to advise of the recent updates.

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M Docklands – July 2015 Update

At present, we are currently installing our beautiful gold facade on both the east and west side of the building. Our builders have completed stud wall framing works on the lower levels up until level 13, and have subsequently carried out wall lining, ceiling framing and ceiling lining works on the lower levels. The apartment main runs (services) have been carried out across all levels of the building and our lifts installation works were commissioned in May 15 with two crews onsite installing the hotel and residential lifts.

On average, we have approximately 145 workers onsite everyday from various trades. Hamilton Mario have tendered and let all of the trades required for the projects which equates to 42 contracts signed.

We have prepared a short video showing the installation of our beautiful gold facade, windows and sliding doors. We hope you enjoy a glimpse of the craft, expertise and skill in putting together approximately 3.800m2 of glass facade.

Click here to view construction video: https://vimeo.com/132408921

South West Facade:



Level 2 Wall Lining:


Level 8 Wall Studs:


Please click on the link below to discover the exciting and exclusive services Peppers will be offering our M Docklands residents:

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M Docklands – February 2015 Update

MDock 05.02

Update supplied by Capital Alliance: Hamilton Marino has completed the podium levels up to level 3.
Our builders are currently pouring level 4 transfer slab as well as  forming up level 5 which is the last level occupied by Peppers Hotel.
By the end of this month, we can expect level 6 to be completed which will be a typical floor plate up to level 18.
To date, we have use approximately 550 tonnes of steel reinforcement and 2,500m3 of concrete with 500 men onsite facilitating the structure works.

For further details, please contact: Capital Alliance- http://capitalalliance.com.au/contact.php

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M Docklands – September 2014 Update

A quick photo update:


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M Docklands – August 2014 Update

Builder Hamilton Marino has commenced construction, with the crane now on-site. Completion is estimated to be April 2016. We will be providing additional updates in the coming months.

BU_Urban-1-LR BU_Urban-2-LR BU_Urban-3-LR

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