The Huntingdale – Complete & Settled

The Huntingdale Apartments are now complete & settled!


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The Huntingdale – November 2015 Update

IMG_5885 IMG_5886 IMG_5887 IMG_5889

From talking with the builder and project manager, we are advised the following updated time-frame:

Practical completion is set for Friday the 4th of December. This is where the builders aim to have everything finished.

Purchasers will be invited to come through early the following week. We are currently finalising the date with the builder. Expect to hear from us regarding this in the next couple of days.

Once the builders are finished, the building surveyor signs off on everything and the certificate of occupancy will be issued.

Titles will also be lodged at this time. Although we anticipate the titles to be registered in 2-3 weeks, don’t be surprised if there are delays, as the process often takes 5-6 weeks.

Once registered, settlement will occur in the 2 weeks after. Therefore: best case just before Christmas, worst case Early to Mid January. Please ensure your finance is well underway. It’s also advised to make your solicitor aware of this timing.

Your solicitor will be the first to be made aware of the firm settlement date. We are not usually kept in the loop with this. Please do not make plans to move into the building until a firm date is set.

Bank Valuers can now attend. Please have them contact: Mark Johnston from PDS – 0420 700 554 for access.

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The Huntingdale – November 2015 Update

Completion date approximately last week of November and settlements approximately second week of December.

303-A 303-B 303-C 303-D 303-E 303-F

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The Huntingdale – September 2015 Update

Completion is expected approximately in the last week of November, 2015.


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The Huntingdale – August 2015 Update

Completion is expected approximately in the last week of November, 2015

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The Huntingdale – June 2015 Update

ATT00005 ATT00004 ATT00003 ATT00002 ATT00001

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The Huntingdale – April 2015 Update

huntingdale 1 huntingdale 2

Construction underway

Completion approximately November 2015

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Huntingdale – February 2015 Update

Hunt2-FEB2015 Hunt3-FEB2015 Hunt-FEB2015

With basement slab complete, the building construction is moving along nicely with completion now expected for early February 2016.
We will issue further updates throughout the year.

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303 Huntingdale – November 2014 Update

Basement stage - 2 Basement stageWe have been informed the basement has been poured and the expected completion date is currently September 2015.
More updates will be issued shortly.

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The Huntingdale – September 2014 Update



The developer advises that they are in the process of final negotiation with the builder and will advise purchasers of the commencement date once it has been confirmed by the builder. Construction is scheduled to begin before Christmas.

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