Oakview – February 2017 Update

Oakview Update:

Council indicated that they had some issues with the current proposal, therefore a new design was worked through with Council which has since been endorsed by council.  Over the last week the builders have been refining the scope and arranging works which involves extensive new works within the site, however this has eliminated the need for a new drain in the street. The builder has advised that they will be starting work on the new design today and are anticipating the works to be completed by the end of this week. Once completed Council will need to inspect and sign off. We will keep you as updated as settlement approaches.

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Oakview – January 2017 Update Part 2

We are happy to advise that all 2nd purchaser inspections can be scheduled for Monday 30th January – Wednesday 1st February.

Purchasers can inspect between 9am – 12pm or 1pm – 3pm with each inspection to be strictly 20 mins each.

Please contact Rachel Sleeman on 0427 545 493 or email rsleeman@castrangilbert.com.au to book your appointment slot.

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Oakview – January 2017 Update

We have been advised that the Oakview project has experienced a slight delay as a result of a few changes that were requested by Council over Christmas. The changes will be implemented this week with the expectation that they will be completed by end of next week. Glenvill Builders expects Council sign offs to take a few days after this and then hopefully Occupancy Permits soon after. All other authorities have issued compliance so we expect to be in titles office within 2 to 3 weeks.

Once the titles have been registered, which can take up to 4 weeks, the settlement process can begin.

We will be contacting all purchasers to arrange second purchaser inspections by the end of next week.

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Oakview – December 2016 Update

We are pleased to announce the Oakview apartments are coming together very well and are looking great . Settlement is due to take place in mid to late January. All purchasers will be informed about additional inspections as settlement approaches

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Oakview – October 2016 Update Part 2

The Builders are making good progress on site with the internals of apartments nearing completion.

The entry driveway was poured last week and landscaping works have commenced.

img_4195 img_4197 img_4199 img_4200 img_4201 img_4202


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Oakview – October 2016 Update

img_6695 img_6696

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Oakview – September 2016 Update

In terms of progress, we are now fully plastered, external finishes have been completed to the building and we are commencing with the external hard/soft landscaping (although not this week as the weather has been atrocious). Internally we are installing floor finishes, tiling is pretty much complete on the ground floor and working through the mid floor, which is being followed up by our fit off trades.

resized_20160905_155614 resized_20160905_155616 resized_20160905_155619 resized_img_3900


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Oakview – August 2016 Update

image1 image5 image8Resized_20160730_090210 Resized_20160804_090907 Resized_20160804_095141 Resized_20160804_095708 Resized_20160804_095742

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Oakview – July 2016 Update

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Oakview – June 2016 Update

Oakview is expected to be completed at the end of September, 2016 with compliance and titles taking up to 4 – 6 weeks after that.

The Developer is on track with handover to the purchasers as previously advised in late November to early December 2016.

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