Zeal – Complete!

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Zeal – July 2016 Update

Titles have been lodged with Council, we estimate this process will take approximately two weeks.

Then settlement is expected to occur approximately 14 – 21 days after the registration of titles.

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Zeal – June 2016 Update

The Developer expects to hear from the Council tomorrow regarding the subdivision, then it will be another few weeks until Settlements are called.

It is looking like approximately July, 2016 for Settlements.

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Zeal – April 2016 Update

Zeal Apartments should be completed and ready for settlement in approximately June, 2016.

The Builders are now at the finishing stages of the project.


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Zeal – January 2016 Update

Update on Zeal Apartment Progress:

  1. Building Structure Completed
  2. Electrical Rough In Commenced
  3. Ground Level Framing Complete
  4. Ground Level plumbing Complete
  5. Ground Level Windows/Doors installed
  6. Level 1 Roof Complete
  7. Level 2 Roof in Progress

Early 2016:

  1. Lift Arriving
  2. Stackers Arriving
  3. Mechanical Starts
  4. Plaster Starts
  5. External Render Starts
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Zeal – November 2015 Update


Basement Floor – Completed

Ground Floor – Completed

Civil Works – Completed


Preparation for First Floor

Windows / Doors Ordered

Mechanical Works

Sprinkler Works

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Zeal – September 2015 Update

IMG_8174 IMG_8175 IMG_8176 IMG_8177

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Zeal – June 2015 Update

ZEAL image1

ZEAL image2

Demolition has commenced.

Completion is expected in approximately June/July 2016.

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