Seed – April 2017 Update (Settled)

Please find below final update from the developer of Seed Preston, 204 High Street Preston:

Dear Purchaser of Seed Preston,

De Luca Property Group would like to thank you for entrusting us with your purchase at Seed Preston

and hope you have settled in well and having an enjoyable stay.

Preston and the Inner North is a vibrant, trendy and up and coming area with plenty of exciting amenities

around it. We hope you experience this in the near future and your purchase will prove to be a great investment.

Yours Sincerely,

De Luca Property Group

Seed April 2017

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Seed – December 2016 Update

Seed Preston is nearing completion. The Builders have been working overtime to finish the project as quickly as possible. It won’t be long now until the settlement of your new apartment. The developers are looking forward to handing over early in the New Year.

Any queries relating to completion and inspection dates are handled by Yana Smith of Property Settlement Solutions of which they have already made contact with you or your representative.

The developers and Castran Gilbert would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

seed_dec1 Planter boxes on the rooftop and the impressive City View

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Seed – September 2016 Update

The Developers of Seed have advised the following;

“We are now approaching completion for Seed Preston and have handed over the Purchaser details to Property Settlement Solutions to handle all updates and anything to do in regards to Settlement.”


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Seed – August 2016 Update

Seed Construction Update - July 2016

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Seed – July 2016 Update

Seed - Letter to Purchaser 14.7.16Photo


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Seed – June 2016 Update

As per the latest photos of the Development to date shows that most of the structure has been completed and the builders are starting to proceed with the internal fit-out.

The services have also been completed at the lower levels and proceeding to the upper levels.

We are confident that the completion date of December 2016 will be achieved.

1 2

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Seed – May 2016 Update

The last period of construction has brought immense progress to Seed Preston.

Level 4 concrete floor and walls are now in place.

We are aiming to have the concrete structure completed by the end of June, placing us in a great position to complete the project on time.

Electrical, plumbing and fire services are progressing on the lower levels, creating huge activity onsite.

1 2

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Seed – April 2016 Update

Work is progressing at an expected pace during the month of March. The Builders have poured the level one floor and progressing with the concrete panels on level two and above.

Plumbing and Electrical trades have now commenced works on the basement and ground floor levels.

1 2


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Seed – March 2016 Update

The month of February has brought expected progress to the Seed Preston development. The builders

are working very hard to maintain the momentum which will ensure the completion timeline is met. The

crane has now been placed which is accelerating the erection of the concrete panels on the building. The

basement and ground floor slab have now been poured and wall panels have been completed to level

two. The building team is very excited to be proceeding above ground.

During the next month we should see further progress with the structure which will allow other trades,

namely plumbers and electricians, to commence work on the lower levels.

Please advise us of any changes to your contact details so that we can update you on the progress of your

new apartment. Alternatively, you can follow our latest projects online at





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Seed – February 2016 Update

We are delighted with the Builder’s progress, even during the festive season. As most of the infrastructure and panels to the basement and car park area have now been completed the remaining structural works can start in earnest which will facilitate the builder to move quickly to the next stage of the development.

The next month’s photos should be very exciting as the ground floor slab is laid and further panels are erected. The tower crane will also be placed on site during February which will speed up the erection of the higher levels of the building.

Please advise us of any changes to your contact details so that we can update you on the progress of your new apartment.

Alternatively, you can follow our latest project updates online at


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