Villiers – July 2017 Update

We have been advised by the developer that the project at 46 Villiers St, North Melbourne, has been delayed. This is due to a number of reasons including:

  • A break in at the site where a number of materials were stolen. The builder is insured, but processing a claim to get money to repurchase the materials took time. The claim has only recently been approved by the insurer.
  • Access issues with the neighbouring property. Access has been smooth thus far, but due to another development (unrelated to Villiers) adjacent to the neighbouring property, this has recently led to access issues for Villiers. This issue is currently being resolved and the builder hopes to have access back to normal shortly.

We apologise on behalf of the developer & builder for this delay. We are following up on a new estimated date of completion and will provide further information when we receive more details from the developer.

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Villiers – April 2017 Update

We are happy to advise that the construction of the Villiers development at 46 Villiers St is progressing along and the building is shaping up nicely! We will provide further updates after the Easter holiday when we receive more information.

Villiers April 1

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Villiers – October 2016 Update

Services rough-ins and main installations are completed at Villiers.  

The internal framing is underway and window installs are also underway.


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Villiers – September 2016 Update

The structure has been erected with each level taking shape. Services rough ins and main installations are almost complete with the internal framing soon to commence.

Window measure ups are underway and we will be at lock up by the end of the month, weather dependent.

1 2 3


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Villiers – July 2016 Update

The Villiers structure is going ahead, internal slabs to ground, level 1 and level 2 are installed.

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Villiers – June 2016 Update

The Builders are erecting the structure and internal level set outs are occurring in preparations for floors being constructed.

20160524_084528 IMG_1591 IMG_1592

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Villiers – April 2016 Update

Foundation works winding up prior to precast panel installation next week, where upon the structure will take shape quickly.

567 619 622 624 649 654 655 656 657 658 659 663 666 667 668 IMG_1373

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Villiers – February 2016 Update

Exciting news – construction has commenced for Villiers!

Estimated completion approximately December 2016.

image of construction site

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Villiers – January 2016 Update


We are still awaiting permit from JNAT and our file is with the surveyor who returns to work this Monday. We’re not expecting further delay and will keep you informed.

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Villiers – December 2015 Update

It has been an arduous process and wait regarding the protection works approval, permits and council issues are over.

So we expect final permit just before Christmas in readiness for a January, 2016 construction start.

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