Oslo – June 2017 Update

The team at OSLO has been busy working hard to meet all of the compliances and requirements outlined by council and are expecting their approvals for sub-division next week. Once approved, the registration of titles will be submitted. We will provide all purchasers with further updates once we receive more information, including a concrete settlement date.

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OSLO – June 2017 Update (Blinds)

Good news! Due to our great relationship with Rolling Blinds, we have been able to pass on a discounting rate to all purchasers. If you are interested in having your apartment measured and provided with an obligation free quote, please contact George on the contact details below. Please ensure your Name, Apartment Number and Contact Details are clearly stated.

We would also like to note that blinds can be measure and ordered prior to settlement, but installed only after settlement due to instructions from the developer. If for any reason you wish to contact us to discuss any details further, please do not hesitate.

George Poulios
M: 0408 700 527
Level 1 / 31 Jean Street McKinnon, 3204


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Oslo – May 2017 Update (Part 2)


Due to Telstra delaying the lift connection to the building, the developer has advised valuation inspections will now be pushed back to the 29th of May as we want to ensure all building facilities are in working order.

Please ensure your bank is notified. All contact details remain the same and we apologize for the inconvenience this may have cause. We will be contacting all purchasers directly in the coming weeks to book in their purchaser inspections.

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Oslo – May 2017 Update

Great News! As settlement is fastly approaching we are pleased to advise valuation inspections will be conducted from the 19th of May onwards. Please contact Dale on 0417 462 626 to arrange your inspection.

We will be arranging purchaser inspections shortly and we will notify all purchasers accordingly.

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Oslo – April 2017 Update

Great news! The final fit off of the apartments and external cladding is in progress. The builder has advise they are looking for project completion end of April 2017. We will advise purchasers of valuation & final inspections as settlement approaches.

Oslo April 1 Oslo April 2 Oslo April 3

Oslo April 4 Oslo April 12 Oslo April 5 Oslo April 7 Oslo April 8 Oslo April 9 Oslo April 10 Oslo April 11 Oslo April 13 Oslo April 14 Oslo April 15 Oslo April 16 Oslo April 17

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Oslo – March 2017 Update

Developer has confirmed works are still aimed to be completed by April 2017. We will notify all purchasers of valuer and final inspections as this time approaches.

Oslo_March17_4 Oslo_March17_3Oslo_March17_1


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Oslo – January 2017 Update

External cladding and fit out is currently in progress at the Oslo apartments. Expected completion date is scheduled for April 2017.

Oslo_Jan2017_1 Oslo_Jan2017_2

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OSLO – October 2016 Update

Oslo is on track for completion early next year, around March, 2017.

The final slab is being poured within the coming weeks and Builders are hoping to have Level 4 up by the end of the month.

img_2164 img_2167

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OSLO – September 2016 Update

img_1992 img_1995 img_1999

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OSLO – August 2016 Update

The Builders are currently working on the Level 3 slab.

IMG_1472 IMG_1474


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