Gordon Townhouses – March 2018 Update

We’ve been advised that works are currently underway for the Salisbury Street extension, which is required to be finished before the townhouses at Gordon Parade can be occupied. Crushed rocks were laid and compacted this week and we expect the road to be completed by the end of next week. This is the final remaining works outstanding prior to registration of titles.

We will provide further details as the project approaches completion and settlement.

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Gordon Parade – January 2018 Update

Good news! We have received the following updates from the developer for 20 Gordon Parade:

“The carport and driveway concreting have been prepared for pouring. This is expected to occur from tomorrow and complete at the end of next week. Following that, works on the Salisbury St extension will begin and is expected to be completed at the end of the month. At this stage, we are targeting purchaser settlements for the end of February / beginning of March”

We will provide further updates as we receive more information.


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Gordon Townhouse – November 2017 Update

The developer for 20 Gordon Townhouses has advised that the driveway works are recommencing today. The builder has had issues with getting contractors onsite, which has resulted in the delays thus far. The developer is aiming to have the plan of subdivision to the land titles office by mid-December with settlements to follow in mid-January.

The developer apologises for these delays and is working to push the project to completion, but unfortunately, some of the delays thus far has been out of their control.

We will provide further updates as we receive more information.

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Gordon Parade – October 2017 Update (Valuer Inspections)

Great News! 20 Gordon Parade is are nearing completion and are looking great. In light of this, we are happy to advise that we can start organizing Valuer Inspections! Details are as follow:

Valuer Inspections:
Valuer Inspections will be taking place from Monday the 30th of October onwards. Please get your bank or broker to contact Abdul directly on 0497 012 495 to arrange a valuation inspection.

Purchaser inspection are soon to follow and we will advise all purchaser of the how to book in these inspections as settlement approaches.

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Gordon Parade – September 2017 Update

We have been advised by the developer for 20 Gordon Parade that there were delays to the project due to delays in finalising the services connections. There were issues with incorrect installation of plumbing works so the plumber had to rectify this and the utility provider had to come on-site to check this again. The developer advised today that:

Services have been completed and soil has been backfilled over the infrastructure. An inspection of the site is happening on Tuesday and metres from the providers will he ordered next week. It should take a couple of weeks for metres to arrive, in which time the boardwalk and driveway will be completed. We are hoping for the [plan of subdivision] to be submitted by end of the month“.

The developer apologises to all purchasers for the delays.

We will continue to follow up with the developer but if you have any concerns or questions, you can also contact your solicitor who’d be able to discuss in further details with the vendor’s solicitor.

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Gordon Parade – July 2017 Update

We wish to advise that we have received an update from the developer of 20 Gordon Parade. He advised that delays were due to issues with connecting the services to the mains, which has now been resolved. Builders are currently finishing off the driveway and they are aiming to have the plan of sub-division registered by end 1st week August, after which, they will be in a position to do final inspections mid-August and settlement in late August/ early September.

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Gordon Parade – June 2017 Update

We are happy to advise that we have received an update from the developer for Gordon Parade. All internal fixtures, fittings and paintings have now been finished. The builders are currently working on external surfaces and driveways, which is estimated to be completed by the end of the month. Once this is done, they will move onto landscaping.

The project is currently scheduled for building completion in mid-July and we will provide further updates when it is completed.

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20 Gordon parade – February 2017 Update Part 2

We wish to advise that 20 Gordon Parade is almost at completion. Most of the work is nearly done with only the following items left to be completed:

Appliances installation
Gas pipe installation
Connection of gas metres
Sewer works.

The developer expects to receive occupancy permits from the second week of March, with settlement expected for Late March.

Gordon_Feb2017_7 Gordon_Feb2017_6 Gordon_Feb2017_5 Gordon_Feb2017_4 Gordon_Feb2017_3 Gordon_Feb2017_2 Gordon_Feb2017_1

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20 Gordon Parade – February 2017 Update

We have been advised that 20 Gordon Parade is now providing valuation inspections from the week commencing 20th February. Please contact Jason Wong from Vita Built on 0497 012 473 to book your inspections.

Jason Wong
Vita Built
0497 012 473

We will contact you again shortly with further information on purchaser inspections & settlement.


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20 Gordon Parade – January 2017 Update

We have been advised by the developers that unfortunately the settlement of 20 Gordon Parade has been delayed until the end of February. This is due to utilities providers being slow to install utilities infrastructure as well as delays from Council on the approval of these infrastructure requests.

Settlement is now expected for the end of February with Valuation Inspections to start beginning of February.

On behalf of the developer, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by this delay. We will contact all purchasers with further details on inspections when these are arranged.


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