Salisbury – December 2017 Update

We have been advised that landscaping, driveway work and street extensions are currently underway at 28 Salisbury Street, Yarraville. Purchaser & Valuation Inspections are currently expected to begin in mid-January 2018, but we will confirm this when we receive more details. The project has been experiencing complications with subcontractors and utility providers, which has resulted in the delays thus far.

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Salisbury – August 2017 Update

We wish to inform that there is an update for the Salisbury development.

We have spoken to the builder and they advised that the building has now been completed. They are currently going through the required Environmental Protection Authority process (which includes inspections and audits to verify that the building meets environmental protection guidelines) as well as finalising infrastructure works before the building can be occupied. They advised that this is approximately 6-8 weeks away.

We understand that this is different from the timeline communicated previously and would like to apologise on behalf of the developer for the delays thus far. We only relay information that has been provided to us by the developer or builder, and thus we are also seeking further clarification.

As soon as we receive further details, we will send out a further update immediately.

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Salisbury – June 2017 Update

We have been advised that due to delays caused by environmental issues, the project is now scheduled for completion in mid July.

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Salisbury – February 2017 Update

Please see below some photo updates on Salisbury. We have been advised that construction is currently expected for an April completion.


SalisburyFeb17_4 SalisburyFeb17_3 SalisburyFeb17_1

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28 Salisbury Street – December 2016 Update

Construction is progressing well and is now at lock up stage.

Plastering and external cladding are in progress with tiling aiming to be completed before Christmas.

We expect the project will be settling end of February/early March 2017.

salisbury_dec2016 salisbury_dec2016_2 salisbury_dec2016_3

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28 Salisbury Street – October 2016 Update

The project is at lock-up stage.

Internal plastering has begun and will be followed by tiling and bathrooms.

Aiming for approximately mid-December Settlements, pending weather.


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28 Salisbury Street – September 2016 Update

Lock-up targeting the 1st of October.

Aiming for competition in approximately mid December.

img_2808 img_2809 img_2810 img_2811

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28 Salisbury Street – August 2016 Update

Roofing should be completed this week. Windows and doors installed next week. Lock-up will be completed within the next 2-3 weeks. Then joinery will follow. 

IMG_9283 IMG_9282 IMG_9281

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28 Salisbury Street – July 2016 Update

The ground floor and first floor framing stages are complete.

Roofing members are expected to be installed by the end of this week.

Lock-up stage (installation of all external doors, windows and cladding) should be completed in the next three weeks.

IMG_7955 IMG_7956 IMG_7957 IMG_7958


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28 Salisbury Street – May 2016 Update


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