De Novo – August 2017 Update

Good news! We have been advised by the developer that De Novo is now ready for settlement. Your solicitor will be contacted shortly by the vendor’s solicitor with information on how to arrange settlement. If you have any questions, please contact your solicitor directly.

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De Novo – July 2017 Update (Final Inspections)

We wish to advise that Final Inspections for your apartment at 6 – 8 Gamble Street, Brunswick will occur on:

Monday 24th of July, 5.30 – 7.00pm and
Saturday 29th July, 3.00 – 4.30pm

Please contact Sharif Islam or Matt Carver to book your inspection, as there are a maximum number of groups we can take through on each day.

Sharif Islam
0407 766 313

Matt Carver
0407 766 307

Please make sure you bring measuring tapes etc as this will be your only time to view and measure your apartments for furniture and appliances before settlement.

At this stage, we are expecting settlement to occur around mid August. We will advise all purchasers of confirmed dates once we receive more information from the developer.

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De Novo – June 2017 Update

As at 08/06/2017, we are excited to announce that the Occupancy Permit for De Novo Apartments is approximately 2 weeks away from being granted and Settlement is approximately 5 weeks away. 

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De Novo – May 2017 Update

We are happy to advise that Valuer Inspections for the De Novo apartments will commence from Monday, the 22nd of May. Please contact Tim Brown on 0417 766 778 or at to arrange your inspection.

Final Inspections for purchasers is currently scheduled for early to mid-June, with Settlement expected to occur in June. We will provide more details when we receive confirmation.

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De Novo – April 2017 Update

It is with great excitement that we can report to you that Gamble St is fast approaching completion.

You should now be arranging your finances in anticipation of settlement at the end of May or Early June.

Please speak with you finance broker or bank if you intend to borrow funds to complete settlement. Instruct the bank or broker that the valuer should contact Tim Brown on 0417 766 778 for access to the site.

Whilst buyers will not be allowed on site at this inspection, it is anticipated that we will invite you down for a final inspection in the 2nd week of May when the building reaches practical completion.

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De Novo – February 2017 Update

We have been advised that completion and final inspection for De Novo is estimated  to occur around end of March 2017. Settlement to then follow approximately 6-8 weeks after in early May. We will aim to provide you with further updates, including inspection details closer to completion.

Denovo_Feb1 Denovo_Feb2

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De Novo – November 2016 Update

Due to poor weather conditions affecting the construction of 6 – 8 Gamble Street, we have been advised that unfortunately, the project has been delayed and is now expected to be completed in March 2017. We will provide further progress reports in the coming months.


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De Novo – September 2016 Update

img_1060 img_1061 img_1062

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De Novo – August 2016 Update


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De Novo – June 2016 Update

The works are coming along to program thus far at De Novo Apartments, and the concrete structure is complete up to Level 3.

We are currently preparing the Level 4 slab to be poured next week.

The plumbers and electricians are roughing in all their services and light weight partitioning has begun internally at the ground floor and basement. 

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