Patersons – Completed!

The completed Patersons project:

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Patersons – June 2017 Update (Settlement)


We are pleased to advise key collection for settlement will be taking place at Tideways Owners Corporation.

All purchasers will need to contact the Tideways Office to set a time to collect keys and documents once settlement has taken place. Purchasers will need to advise Jackie, in writing, if anyone other than themselves are picking up the handover pack.

If you have any further questions to queries please feel free to contact Tideways directly.

Tideways Owners Corporation Office:

G03 / 181 St Kilda Rd, St Kilda
Please press 03 and the bell man button on the intercom.
Contact: Jackie Pilkington
03 9534 4614

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Patersons – June 2017 Update

181 Smith Street is nearing settlement and ready for purchaser defect inspections.
To arrange a purchaser inspection please contact John Hoggart on 0405 389 557.
As this is the only inspection and we recommend all purchasers conduct any measurements they need at this time. If you have also arranged for a building inspector to inspect your apartment, we suggest they attend at this time as well.

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Patersons – March 2017 Update

We are pleased to announce that 181 Smith Street is nearing completion and ready for valuation inspection.

To arrange a valuation inspection please contact John Hoggart on 0405 389 557.

We will keep you informed in regards to booking in final inspections & settlement details.

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Patersons – February 2017 Update

Great News! The Patersons building works are expected to be completed by March 2017, with settlement shortly after towards the end of March/Early April. We will be organising both valuer and purchaser inspections shortly and will notify all purchaser of the details soon. Please ensure your finance is arrange and in order as we approach settlement.

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Patersons – November 2016 Update

Progress Report – November 2016

  • This month has seen the installation of Kitchen and Bathroom joinery to all apartments.
  • The stone bench-tops are installed to a large number of apartments. Installation of the bench-tops should be finalised by the end of the month
  • The external rendered finish is largely complete, with only a few minor areas to be finalised.
  • Installation of the tiles continues at a high pace. The first floor level bathrooms are complete, and have the shower screens installed.
  • The ‘internal’ scaffolding to the fourth floor has been removed to allow for the installation of the glass walkways and glass walls to the stair.
  • The new sections of the stair have been manufactured ‘off site’ and are now ready for installation.
  • After a detailed review of progress on site, the completion of the building works is anticipated to be early 2017.


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Patersons – October 2016 Update

The Developer has advised that Settlement at Patersons has been delayed until approximately February, 2017.

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Patersons – September 2016 Update


Progress Report – September 2016

This month has seen the plaster installation nearing completion, and the arrival of joinery for levels two and four apartments.

Externally, the timber cladding to the central courtyard area has been completed. The rendered finish to the fourth level and light-well walls is well underway.

The tiles have arrived on site, ready for installation to the bathrooms.

The recent rains have severely tested the newly installed storm water drainage system. It was pleasing to see it working so well!

Work has begun on the walkway balustrading installation.

With the final details now quantified, the walkways have been measured, and the glass panels are being manufactured off site.

Completion of the building works is anticipated to be November / December 2016.

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Patersons – August 2016 Update Part 2

As the plaster installation races ahead, this month sees the arrival and installation of the joinery to level one apartments.

The timber lining to the central courtyard area is being installed. Working its way around the scaffolding, the lining has begun to emerge at the top levels.

As the services to all levels reach completion, the internal walls can now continue to be plastered, with door and window installations finalised.

Off-site, the stone for the Kitchen bench tops is being prepared for cutting and final finishing.

Completion of the building works is anticipated to be November / December 2016.

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Patersons – August 2016 Update

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