Estelle – November 2016 Update

Estelle is progressing well! The developer, Urban, has provided a detailed update on the project, covering:

Valuation Inspections, scheduled for November 14 – 18
Pre-settlement Inspections in early-December
Certificate of Occupancy and Title Registration

Please read the full details in the letter from the developer below.

Click Here for the Letter from the Developer – November 2016

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Estelle – October 2016 Update Part 3

Construction progressing well with settlements now expected to take place in December 2016

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Estelle – October 2016 Update Part 2


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Estelle – October 2016 Update

The Developer has advised that due to bad weather the Settlement of Estelle has been delayed until January, 2017.


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Estelle – September 2016 Update

Works at Estelle are coming along well. Please see below level by level notes from the Builders;

Ground Floor – services and plastering.

Levels 1-2 – external glazing and floor coverings.

Levels 3-5 – external glazing, joinery, tiling, painting, windows, cladding, carpentry fixing and balustrades.

Levels 6-7 – plastering, painting, joinery, tiling, windows, cladding, carpentry fixing and balustrades.

Roof – waterproofing and plant screen and completion.

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Estelle – July 2016 Update

The roof has now been poured and fit-out on all levels is well underway, with glass installation occurring on Levels 1 – 3 this month.

The project is on target for a completion in approximately December, 2016.

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Estelle – June 2016 Update

The construction at Estelle is progressing well, towards a completion by the end of 2016.

The roof slab is due to be poured this week with fit-out continuing on levels ground through to level three.

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Estelle – April 2016 Update

The Builders, Element Five have progressed to have:

Level 2 poured.

Level 3 formed & ready for pour.

Ground Floor & basement stripped of formwork.

Looking forward, Element Five will soon have the structure completed and moving into fit-out of the apartments.

Settlement is still forecast for approximately December 2016.

IMG_4585 IMG_4586 IMG_4587

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Estelle – January 2016 Update

Element Five have progressed to have:

  • Piling complete
  • Basement excavation complete
  • Basement Footings & in ground services complete
  • Tower Crane Installed
  • Basement precast installed
  • Currently forming ground floor slab

Looking forward Element Five will continue to progress the structure prior to commencing fit out works in the apartments.

Current forecast is for a December 2016 settlement.

image (1) image

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Estelle – September 2015 Update

Construction is well underway at Estelle.

1.       Retention system is 50% Installed

2.       Basement excavation is 50%

Estimated completion at this stage is December 2016/ January 2017. More updates to come.



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