The Riverside – Completed!

We are pleased to advise that The Riverside is now fully completed and settlement is currently in process.



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The Riverside – Settlement Update

We have received the following updates from the developers of The Riverside.


The subdivision has now been registered and the titles have been issued so settlements can now proceed – click to download a copy of the registered subdivision: Plan of Subdivision

Pursuant to the Contract of Sale all purchasers have 14 days to settle which means that you are required to complete settlement by 3 January 2016.

Purchasers who wish to settle and move in before Christmas are welcome to do so and should ensure they instruct their conveyancer/solicitor to book settlement ASAP.

We request all purchasers read and familiarise themselves with the Moving In Fact Sheet which contains important information on moving in procedures as well as utilities connections – click to download: Moving In Fact Sheet

Owners Packs (containing keys, access devices etc) will be available for collection following settlement from 1/5 Saltriver Place, Footscray.

Moving in slots will be for 2 hours and will need to be booked online. The booking system will open once settlements commence and residents are requested to book a move in slot only after they have settled. Permissible moving times are between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Saturday. No moving is allowed on Sundays or public holidays. A fully refundable security deposit is required to be paid to the caretaker at the time of arrival which will be refunded upon inspection and confirmation that damage has not been caused to the Common Property.

To read previous updates, please visit:

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The Riverside – Purchaser & Valuer Inspection Information

Final Inspections have already commenced for the lower levels.

 Inspections for levels 1, 4 & 5 are occurring from 4th – 7th October.

 In order to book inspections for Purchasers and Valuers, you will need to continually check the following link:

 It will be clearly outlined when your level is ready, and also when Valuers can go through.

In addition, there is information on this page regarding the purchase of storage units, bike racks and blinds. Detailed information regarding these optional purchases will be provided during the inspection.

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The Riverside – Purchaser Inspections for Levels 2 & 3

Apartments located on levels 2 & 3 are available for purchaser inspection between 9.00am & 6.00pm on 27 – 30 September 2016.
Other levels and valuer inspections will be announced early in October.
Please continue to check this site for updates.

Inspection appointments will be for a duration of 30 minutes (time limits and appointment times strictly enforced so please arrive 5 minutes early).
Inspections will be strictly limited to the purchaser(s) personally.
If only one purchaser is named on the Contract of Sale, one additional person will be permitted to a strict maximum of two persons.

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The Riverside – September 2016 Update

The Riverside is on track for completion towards the end of  October with settlements in November 2016, now is the time to start making finance arrangements.

We’ve partnered with Neue Black to arrange your finance. Neue Black are finance brokers that specialise assisting people to arrange finance when purchasing property off the plan.

They have extensive market knowledge and great relationships with a wide range of lenders and will provide you with the most competitive options.

They were just voted as Finance Broker of Year at the Australian Broking Awards so we think you’ll find the experience at Neue Black to be first class.

If you require any assistance with finance, please contact Marshall Condon on;

MOBILE – 0476 823 167

OFFICE – 03 9826 2555


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The Riverside – Ongoing Updates

We are excited to advise that the Developer and Builder of The Riverside Apartments have built a website which shows photos of the site taken every 15 minutes so you can keep track of the construction progress. Please click below to view;

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The Riverside – March 2016 Update

A new update has been posted on The Riverside Updates website:

10 March 2016 –
Structure nearing completion and fitout now progressing
The time lapse video has now been updated and shows that the structure of The Riverside is nearing completion with installation of windows and balustrades now having commenced. Inside the building, the fit out has also commenced with the services installation and framing now in progress for Levels 1-3. 


Currently, completion is scheduled for October/November 2016.


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The Riverside – Construction Updates

Please find all updates for The Riverside here:


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