Marco – December 2016 Update

We have been provided with the below updates from the developer:

We are pleased to inform you that the Plan of Subdivision for Stage 2(West Tower) was registered at the Land Titles Office.

Maddocks, our conveyancing solicitor has triggered settlement and for all apartments purchased in the West Tower, settlement will be due on 21st Dec 2016.

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Marco – October 2016 Update

balston-street-frontage corner disabled-lift front-entry-door frontage garden-bed-and-green-wall-underway landscaping-underway letter-boxes-and-screens lobby marco-lobby-logo

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Marco – September 2016 Update

Please see below photos of the Marco display apartment 808E and the almost complete exterior.

NKK_8602_2455 NKK_8681_2534

_LM09261 _LM09296 _LM09333 _LM09384 _LM09394 _LM09432


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Marco – Settlement Preparation Update

RE: Marco Melbourne

We are pleased to advise that construction of Marco Melbourne is progressing very well and is on schedule to complete in 19 December 2016.

As the completion of your apartment fast approaches you will be required to begin preparation for settlement, which will include having your finance approved and ready to complete your sale.

We are very proud to have appointed Property Settlement Solutions to assist you with a stress free settlement. Their team has been engaged to assist you with finance, co ordinate and attend bank valuations and guide you through your pre-settlement inspections. Moving forward, they are your primary contact for any queries or concerns you may have about the process.

The team at Property Settlement Solutions will be in contact with you shortly to make an introduction and to advise you of the next steps, in preparation for an exciting and seamless handover of your new apartment.

In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact Property Settlement Solutions by calling their office on +61 3 9036 3383 or via email on with any queries you may have relating to the settlement of your property.

如果您需要中文服务,请拨打电话 +61 3 9036 3383,届时将由我司员工竭诚为您服务。

Yours sincerely,

Golden Sunrise Developments Pty Ltd

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Marco – August 2016 Update

Work underway on siteBalston Street Frontage Level 15 East Level 20 West Level 25 East Level 30 East Level 30 West Level 34 East Level 36 West Steel work on East tower roof continues Work on roof West tower continues

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Marco – July 2016 Update

160628_T1197_A051_Progress Report_Purchaser_GSD_Page_1160628_T1197_A051_Progress Report_Purchaser_GSD_Page_2 160628_T1197_A051_Progress Report_Purchaser_GSD_Page_3 160628_T1197_A051_Progress Report_Purchaser_GSD_Page_4 160628_T1197_A051_Progress Report_Purchaser_GSD_Page_5 160628_T1197_A051_Progress Report_Purchaser_GSD_Page_6 160628_T1197_A051_Progress Report_Purchaser_GSD_Page_7


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Marco – June 2016 Update

Balston St frontage 2 Balston St frontage Level 7 apartment painting has started Level 7 bathroom waterproofing underway Level 8 walls pastered and sanded Level 11 plasterboard walls underway Level 20 East Slab Poured

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Marco – April 2016 Update

IMG_0343 IMG_0352 IMG_0443 IMG_0448 IMG_0453 IMG_0456 IMG_0459

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Marco – February 2016 Update

We have an exciting update on 42 Balston Street!

Both the Eastern and Western tower is estimated to be completed by the end of December 2016.

  • Level 26 of the Eastern tower structure is currently underway.
  • Level 20 of the Western tower structure is currently underway.
  • Apartment construction is underway throughout the towers:
    • Kitchen joinery is installed up to Level 11 in the Eastern tower and Level 10 in the Western tower.
    • Painting is underway up to Level 13 on the Western tower and Level 10 in the Western tower.
    • Electrical and plumbing services underway up to Level 20 on Eastern tower and Level 15 on Western tower.


Image of apartment towards Balston Street

The view towards Balston Street

Image of apartment viewed from Kavanagh Street

The view from Kavanagh Street

Level 11 apartment fit out

Level 11 apartment fit out

Level 9 apartment fit out

Level 9 apartment fit out (protection over timber floorboards)


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