Jersey Parade – December 2017 Update

Please find below an update from the developer for  33 – 35 Jersey Parade, Carnegie:

While the contractual date of 3rd March is still in place we have reviewed our programme and believe we can have the apartments ready for purchaser inspection on the 20th February 2017. We will confirm this date by Friday January 19th 2018.

At this stage we would expect that Certificate of Occupancy would have been achieved by this date as well and the only thing that will affect settlement is the plan of subdivision being issued.

Jersey Parade Nov 2017 1 Jersey Parade Nov 2017 2

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Jersey Parade – August 2017 Update

A quick update for Jersey Parade! We’ve been advised that completion is expected by this Christmas with settlements estimated to occur in February 2018. We will keep purchasers updated on progress as the project moves closer to completion.

Jersey Parade Aug 2017 1 Jersey Parade Aug 2017 2
Jersey Parade Aug 2017 4 Jersey Parade Aug 2017 5

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Jersey Parade – May 2017 Update

We are happy to advise that the construction of Jersey Parade is progressing along well. The basement slab has been poured and builders are currently working on the ground floor formwork. Works have also started on the front stormwater drainage and retention system. We will continue to provide further updates as construction progresses.

Jersey Parade May 2017 1 Jersey Parade May 2017 2 Jersey Parade May 2017 3 Jersey Parade May 2017 4 Jersey Parade May 2017 5


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Jersey Parade – February 2017

Great news! We wish to advise that construction for Jersey Parade is now underway with completion estimated to be in March 2018. The builder appointed is Alliance Construction Group. We will provide further updates as the construction progresses.


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Jersey Parade – December 2016 Update

We have been advised that demolition is to start in a few days and CRC Group have been appointed as the builder. Construction is expected to commence in late February. We will provide further updates as the project progresses.

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Jersey Parade – June 2016 Update

The sit at 33 – 35 Jersey Parade, Carnegie has been sold to Pan Oceania Development.

Settlement of the site was in early June, the new Developer has just taken control of the site and is relaunching the remaining apartments for sale.

Construction is due to commence in August with completion expected in approximately late 2017.


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Jersey Parade – April 2016 Update

The Owner reports that they are in final negotiations to sign off on a deal with a new Developer who will move forward with the Development.


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