United Richmond – April 2017 Update

Please find below update from the developer of United Richmond:

United Richmond is progressing to programme thanks to the great work of Hamilton Marino Builders.

The piling is now complete, with excavation works well underway. As we progress through the excavation works, we will start erecting basement walls. By the end of May, we expect to complete the basement works with the pouring of the basement slab. Once the basement slab is completed, we can commence the structure.

The key dates are as follows:

Construction Commencement Date

Construction commenced October 2016.

Construction Programme

The key programme items are as follows:


  1. Site set up works         Completed
  2. Bulk excavation           Completed
  3. Basement works          In progress
  4. Structure works
  5. Services rough in
  6. Window glazing
  7. Facade cladding
  8. Internal fit out works
  9. Finishing works
  10. Practical completion

Settlement Date
Settlement is anticipated for early 2018.

We will keep you updated as we get closer to this date.
Contact Person
Kim is your dedicated contact person for all matters relating to construction updates and settlement.

Her details are as follows:

Name:  Kim Velardi
Email:   kim@blueearth.com.au
Phone: 03 9347 6006
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