Gravity – August 2017 Update

Please find below update from the developer for Gravity:

We are pleased to announce the occupancy permit has now been issued which is the final requirement for settlement. The purchaser’s legal representative will be notified today of the due date of settlement.

To avoid penalties associated with late settlement, please ensure both the financier and legal representative are ready for settlement.

A copy of both the occupancy permit and registered plan of subdivision are attached.

Gravity New Street Address Allocations
Gravity Occupancy Permit
Gravity Registration of Plan of Subdivision



The key programme items are as follows:


Stage                                      Status

  1. Site set up works                     Completed
  2. Bulk excavation                        Completed
  3. Basement works                      Completed
  4. Structure works                       Completed
  5. Services rough in                     Completed
  6. Window glazing                        Completed
  7. Facade cladding                       Completed
  8. Internal fit out works                Completed
  9. Finishing works                        Completed
  10. Title registration                       Completed
  11. Occupancy permit                    Completed
  12. Ready to settle


Keys & Residents Manual

Once settlement has been confirmed by our legal representative, the keys and the residents manual will be available to pick up via appointment only.

All appointments must be in writing with Kim Velardi by email at

Appointment requests must include the following:

  1. Purchaser name
  2. Lot No
  3. Representative picking up keys and residents manual
  4. Preferred appointment time

Once the request has been received, Anna will confirm by email the booking, or recommend an alternative time.

Owners Corporation
The owners corporation management team is State Owners Corp. The details are as:

Phone:    (03) 9495-0005

Please ensure the owners corporation is contacted prior to the resident moving in. Refer to the residents manual for important information on how to move in, utilities connection, and the general rules and operations of the both the building and the apartment.


Contact Person
Kim is your dedicated contact person for all matters relating to settlement. Her details are as follows:

Name:  Kim Velardi
Phone: 03 9347 6006